FASTING is top of the mountain when it comes to healing and regeneration. Animals do it when sick. They just rest and drink water. Jesus, Moses, Buddha all fasted. Rest is important for health. The adrenals control the autonomic nervous system which allows you to walk, run, move the bowels, pump the heart, breathe, etc. Physical activity requires energy and the body  must take it from other functions like digestion, utilization, and elimination. Epinephrine and nor-epinephrine from the adrenals dilates the bronchial’s and blood system, increases the thyroid and heart rate. Energy moves towards the lungs, heart, and muscles and not essential body functions. This shuts down  dopamine and acetocolines used  for the elimination of toxins and waste by the kidneys and bowels. Energy is re-directed from important bodily functions to physical activity. When you are at rest the opposite happens. Fasting and resting allows the body to eliminate, recharge, and regenerate.

Fasting is usually done with just drinking water and Natural Hygienists have good clinics for this. Dr. Morse does not usually recommend water fasts because he deals with very ill people who need the healing energy and chemistry  of fruit…especially later stage cancer cases or other serious degenerative conditions. Veggie fasting only takes you so far and is not powerful enough for high-level healing. Fast till the tongue turns pink again. A red tongue means alot of acidosis/inflammation in the GI Tract. A brown tongue means you have lots of chronic lymphatic constipation.

Don’t just jump into fasting from a SAD diet. You need to work into it. Start with steamed veggies for a few days. Then go to salads and whole fruits for a few days. Then go to fruits and a salad at night. Then to only fruit. And then finally to a mono-fruit fast like grapes. Mono fruit fasting is as high as you need to go in Dr. Morse’s opinion. A famous model did 43 days on grapes and lemons and has no bone and lung cancer left. He has her testimony. The Master Cleanse by Stanley Burroughs is used too. Break the mono fruit fasts with more fruit for a few days and then salads. Bernard McFadden broke a fast with boiled potatoes and died…he came down too fast.  You can dig much deeper on fruits magnetics, energetics, astringents. Make it a fun thing. Enjoy the ride. Wear the robe.