The eyes tell us lots about the condition of our lymph systems. This eye shows us the body is full of stagnant lymph/mucus that has been in there for a long time and is starting to go into a chronic condition. Mark Gordon shows us the areas that need more work. There are also drug deposits (sulfur) that can help candida take over so these need to be detoxed out.
Learn Iridology. It’s simple! You will be a big help to yourself, and your friends and family. Good luck!


Mark Gordon shows us simply how he reads an eye to spot weakness in the lymph system–the body’s main immune system and “sewer” where toxins, acids, pathogens (viruses, fungus, etc), and more are dealt with. Learning this will aid  you and your friends in detoxification. A clogged lymph system can shut down organs, glands, joints, etc and is the main cause of man’s suffering.