Master Fasting and Hunger

QUESTION from MrGaragenation  How much weight did you lose when you did your 44 day (MasterFast) fast? and how do you deal with hunger, being hungry while eating fruit is my main problem. But according to my iridology I have a chronic gi tract so I am malabsorbed, I guess that could be the hunger problem.

ANSWER: As you know I did the Master Fast System on which I basically just drank grape juice and lemons. I also took herbs and psyllium pudding (psyllium husks, bentonite clay, and activated charcoal). I lost about 12 -15 pounds in the very beginning. I’m 6ft 2in so it was no big deal and my weight stabilized very quickly. The hunger pains left me in about 4 days…after that it was smooth sailing. I actually forgot what it was like to eat and enjoyed how light and energetic I felt. If I did feel hungry I would eat a teaspoon of honey or take some herbal tea and tinctures. Hunger is mostly psycholgical and deals with emotional detoxing. Hang in there…you will punch through.