Wild Spring Water Foraging in Ojai, CA

Created by Mark James Gordon

Drink amazing spring water straight out of the mountain before it touches the earth outside! The taste is sweet and it’s noticeably soft on your tongue.

Bring some sturdy shoes and it’s a good idea to have a 50 ft. piece of rope to help get you down a couple of steep parts especially if you are carrying water. Also wear long pants and sleeves because of the poison oak and to protect you from scrapes.

Some people just fill up right at the waterfall which is just off the road. I did a TDS (total dissolved solids) reading and it was over 250 parts per million which is high. I spoke with an older gentleman who said he’s been drinking the water for many years and loves it. He also said he knows of no one who’s had any bad reactions to it.

If you hike up about a quarter of a mile past the waterfall you can get water directly from the source. It comes out of a steel pipe and you can bottle it before it hits the outside ground. The TDS reading is at least 100 ppm lower.

Look up the word “Ormus” if you are not familliar with it. I believe this is high ormus water. Ormus materials rise up which may explain why this water appears to be coming out of the top of a mountain. You be the judge.

At the source there were a swarm of bees drinking the water. No where else on the trail did I see bees. They seem to want only the water coming out of the pipe. Interesting indeed.

It’s a beautiful drive and afterwards I highly recommend you go to “Farmer and Cook” in Ojai (Meiners Oaks) for some of the best organic food ever. The wife runs the kitchen and the husband is the farmer who grows much of the restaurants food nearby.

I drank a pint of spring water and witnessed one of the most colorful sunsets I have ever seen in Ojai. This water is magical!