Appalling Cancer Survival Rates

Take a Look at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America Five Year Survival Statistics!

Jun 07, 2015 – from Dr. Robert Morse’s website

These are the five year survival statistics for various types of cancer, as published on the Cancer Treatment Centers of America website (Note:  Lung Cancer five year survival rate chart was not available at time of publishing).

This is the best that mainstream medicine has to offer those diagnosed with cancer.  And sadly enough it’s not surprising for a modality that does not understand cancer, what causes it, or how to cure it (despite the trillions spent on cancer research over the years).  You simply cannot treat an acid condition with a stronger acid.  And the statistics on their own website show it—the HIGHEST survival rate they can boast five years after diagnosis is 33%.  That means AT BEST, two thirds of their patients are dead after five years.  That is not a very promising statistic for a modality that claims they are the only viable option.  And it does not say much for all their “research” through the years!

Friends, there is no mystery surrounding cancer, or how to cure it.  It’s very simply chemistry—it always comes down to acids and alkalis (bases).  If you or a loved one is diagnosed with cancer, do not allow yourself to be bullied or driven by fear into “treatments” that do more harm than good!  Educate yourself…the statistics are right there on their own website.