SIMPLE HOT / COLD (HYDRO) THERAPY by Mark James Gordon An Easy Way to Move Lymph The Lymph is the body’s sewer system. Your 100 trillion cells all poop and these wastes are carried by the lymph to the lymph…

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UNDERSTANDING LYMPHATIC DETOXIFICATION / REGENERATION Reading this will give you more understanding of this incredible self-healing modality. SUMMARY In my opinion the answer to all of our health issues is lymphatic detoxification which leads to the regeneration of tissues and…

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How to start a DETOX! by Angela Ilascu

This is specially for the beginners but also for those who need to slow down the detox.
60% of the diet must be fresh fruits, fruit juice, smoothies. Dry fruits are accepted.
20% will be fresh vegetables and green leafs. You can consume them in salads or juices.
20% can be steamed vegetables, vegetable soups, or stir fry.
You can also consume sprouts, seeds and nuts, soaked in water.
You can start using herbs too.
This diet is transitional one and have the power to detox your body up to a point. Normally this is for one month but every individual is different. When you are ready, you can go to the next level.
Individuals with degenerative conditions must go directly to proper detox. They must follow a detox specialist advice.
My personal experience and the one with my clients taught me that going slowly in detox is much more efficient than going ”extreme” from the beginning.
Those with medical prescription should not stop taking their medication, detoxification goes in parallel.
Any way make sure that you have at least 1 bowel
movement a day (2-3 is perfect)
Drink plenty of liquid like clean water, herbal tea, and fresh juices.
Sweat by doing exercises or sauna
Meditate and pray
Stop eating after 6 pm
Go to bed at 10 o’clock and wake up early
Avoid stress and negative people in your life
We are not giving medical advice, we are following the Natural Law which works wonderful for us.
Take Your Life and Your Health in Your Hands. Take Responsibility for Your Actions. This is a Personal Journey.
Angela Ilascu