ALOE VERA Considered a superb healing plant for burns; used for fungal induced itching and for soothing of the intestines (only consume as needed).

ARNICA OIL Can be utilized externally for sprains, muscle pulls, stiff and/or sore muscles and the like.

A HEAT SOURCE Such as a hot water bottle or heating pad, etc. These are used for dilating or “driving” herbs into the skin. Also used for Castor Oil Packs.

BENYDRYL – for a closed throat. Temp treatment.

CASTOR OIL PACKS The packs can be used to soften skin and muscle tissues, aid an individual during times of breathing difficulties (great for people with lung problems), pain management and much more. OLIVE OIL Can be used as an alternative to castor oil.

CAYENNE PEPPER Applied topically to stop injuries from bleeding.

AN ANTI-SPASMODIC HERBAL TINCTURE Used in cases of spasms, convulsions, and all types of cramps. Also used for mild to moderate pain.and much more.

HERBAL PAIN FORMULA Used for mild to moderate pains. Preferred in tincture form. Valerian Root, White Willow Bark, Kava Kava good for pain.

TEA TREE OIL Used as an herbal antiseptic, and also for temporarily remedying itching originating from fungi.

SLIPPERY ELM AND/OR MARSHMALLOW ROOT HERBAL TEAS Used in cases of acid reflux and for relief of digestive inflammation and distress.

PLANTAIN TINCTURE AND SALVE Used for insect bites, snake bites, and other poisonous bites.


HERBAL INTESTINAL CORRECTIVE LAXATIVE Used in cases of food poisoning or intestinal discomfort following a meal.

HERBAL HEALING SALVE A healing salve should contain herbs such as comfrey, horsetail, lobelia, marigold, etc. This type of salve is used for sprains, muscle pulls, joint pains, wounds and the like.

AN HERBAL PARASITIC FORMULA For bacterial “infections” (overgrowths), E-coli, Candida, etc.

AN HERBAL BLEEDING FORMULA To stop internal and profuse external bleeding.

JOHN W. KEIM’S BURNS & WOUNDS OINTMENT Applied topically to heal burns (1st through 3rd degree burns) and wounds.

BURNAID[.com] Emergency burn dressings (used mostly for 1st and 2nd degree burns) for soothing inflammation and alleviating pain.

SALTWATER BATH – good for acne, psoriasis, eczema, etc. Soothing, alkalizing. Add a few good handfuls of a natural unprocessed salt to a tub of warm water. You can add a handfull of baking soda for extra alkalyzation. Some like to add Epsom salts as well.


(1) MOONSHINE YARROW; (2) EMERGENCY RELIEF; (3) FIVE-FLOWER FORMULA All three of the above flower essences can be used to calm individuals experiencing anxiety attacks, emotional shocks and traumas, emotional release, mild to extreme sorrow, etc. Moonshine Yarrow can greatly assist someone going through depression.

ASSISTANCE FOR STOPPING CIGARETTE SMOKING LOBELIA Once ingested, gives cigarettes a sometimes very foul taste.
KUDZU ROOT Used for breaking the attachment to alcohol, but also makes quitting cigarette smoking easier.
SKULLCAP Used for decreasing withdrawal symptoms.

This is not medical advice and is for information purposes only.