The Man Who Heals with Music – Istvan Sky


The secret of healing sounds
The healing sound is born in a deep meditative state. Just sit in silence in nature. Let the ancient cosmic harmony probe deeply into your heart. Breathe slowly and listen to the songs of trees, plants and birds. Breathe together with spring, be the unfolding flower, breathe together with summer, with the miracle of completeness. Breathe together with autumn, with the passing of time and breathe together with the quiet stillness of winter.

Healing Music by Istvan Sky – Gayatri Mantra

“The basic principal of healing is love,” — Paracelsus

The only duty of man is to love and heal. For listening to Healing music creates harmony in humans, restores the disrupted balance of body and soul, and soothes heartbeat and respiration.

The Tibetan singing bowl purifies, creates balance, and promotes self-healing in the body. The resonance of these cosmic planetary sounds stimulates cortical areas through the auditory nerves, evoking many physiological effects. This resonance influences primarily through the mediator substance in our body, water. Since water can be found in all parts of the body, resonance will ensue cleansing in all parts of the organism. The resonance, besides cleansing the body also relieves the blockades in our energetic system and has good effects on our spiritual plane.

The Healing sounds are born into the endless cosmic silence filling all
parts of the splendidly luminous world. Make yourself humble to let the
harmony of divine love touch you. Be the creating silence yourself that
brings peace and joy to the thirsty. Let the desire for awakening be
born in you, for the eyes to see clear, for the ears to hear flawless,
for the words to be true, and for the flower of your heart to discover love.”

Istvan Sky is a spiritual healing musician who studied for 15 years in India where he learned classical Indian music from his guru Smt.Sharan Rani who was a great Sarod master.