Supplies Needed:
JIVANA Herb Packets
1 16 oz Mason Jar & Lid Per Herb Packet
80 proof Rum or Vodka
Measuring Cup
Labels and a Pencil

the mason jar with the name of the herbs, and the date.
Always use a pencil (ink runs)

Add the contents of the herb packet into the mason jar.
Measure the alcohol:8 fluid oz of alcohol to 2 oz of dry herbs is a 4:1 tincture
I would add another ounce or two for evaporation and absorption by the herbs.|
Note: Dr. Morse’s tinctures are 4:1, Gino’s Master Fast System tinctures are 2:1
You can make the strength you prefer

Pour the alcohol over the herbs, screw on the lid (tightly).
Shake briskly for a few minutes.
Store in a cool dark place.
Shake briskly every day a dozen or more times.

Your tinctures are ready in 30 days! Here’s a video https://youtu.be/mtEX2nyOOtE

Good Luck and Be Well!

Hint: Use 32oz Mason jars and double up to save space!
Note: Dosage recommendations are from Dr. Morse or from the Master Fast System.
https://www.drmorsesherbalhealthclub.com/      http://masterfastsystem.com/

Fasting and detox are powerful. Start slow. Do your homework. Take responsibility for your own health. You agree that all information herein is in no way medical advice. If you choose to follow any of the information received, you do so on your own behalf, and on your own decisions, based upon your personal beliefs. No one here is a medical doctor but if you have health concerns, on pharmaceutical medications, pregnant, nursing, etc you may want to consult one before starting a fast or detox. BE WELL!

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