Raw Vegan (mostly) Still Going Strong at 95!

I skied with Klaus 20 years ago when he was 75 and I was in my 30’s. He was effortless as he skied non-stop while yodeling! We both arrived at the bottom of the run about the same time because I was exerting lots of energy and had to stop and catch my breath several times. It’s good to know that Klaus is mostly raw vegan! Enjoy this article!


Detox: The True “Fountain of Youth”

We are just trillions of cells that float in a fluid that is mostly lymph. By taking in acid forming foods and chemicals we slowly turn our lymph into an acid bath that destroys tissues and organs, drys skin and hair out, makes the bones brittle, stiffens our joints, inflames brain tissue, and much more. Cellular activity itself is acid forming, this is why detoxification is so essential.

Raw fruits and vegetables are alkalizing and hydrating. Certain herbs can get lymph moving and help the lymph nodes clean and alkalize lymph fluids. They can also get the kidneys to filter lymph and expel acids and toxins from the body.

A regular program of deep detoxification redefines the aging process. Could this be the true “fountain of youth” that man has been searching for?

The Five Tibetans – Yoga for Longevity


The Five Tibetans are a short series of Yoga poses created 2500 years ago by Tibetan Monks in a Himalayan Monastery that legend says is key to their superior longevity, and overall health and vitality.

Author Chris Kilham (The Five Tibetan Rites) says they can add a decade to your life if you practice these every day. It only takes 5 minutes to complete the routine by giving each exercise only a minute with 21 repetitions maximum which you can slowly work up to.

Many areas of the body are helped including your overall metabolic and cardiovascular systems. You will gain strength, energy, and improve balance. Even your brain and nervous system get a workout. You will experience real vital health on a whole new level as you practice.

1. SPIN – Stand with your arms out at shoulder lever. Spin in a clockwise direction for 10 reps. Now put your hands on your hips and take 2 full deep breaths. As we age we lose balance which can lead to bone breaks and other common injuries. This exercise helps us maintain good balance. This is like “push ups” for your inner ear.

2. LEG RAISES – Lay on the floor facing up with your hands at your side, palms up, and your fingers pointing forward. As you inhale, bring your legs up while tucking your chin in to your chest. Keep your lower back flat to the floor and toes pointing forward. Now lower your legs as you exhale. Do this for 7 reps. Stand up, hands on hips, take 2 deep breaths.  a great core workout that stimulates your spinal nerves and strengthens your lower back and abdomen while enhancing digestion.  Tucking the chin strengthens your thyroid gland which regulates your entire metabolism.

3. BACK ARCH – Get down on your knees, touch the balls of your fee to the floor, put your hands on the back of your thighs just below the butt, tuck your chin in to your chest. As you inhale arch backwards while supporting yourself with your hands. Exhale back to the start, tucking your chin into your chest. Do 7 reps. This is great for the lungs, spine, neck, and also the thyroid.

4.  TABLE – Sit on the floor with your legs forward, hands beside your hips, chin tucked in. As you inhale bring your knees and hips up and drop your head back. Your body will look like a table. Exhale back down. Your arms never bend. Back up for 2 deep breaths with your hands on your hips. Great for strengthening the lower back.

5. DOWN-DOG/COBRA – lay on the floor face down then lift your chest up, balls of the feet touching the floor, looking up to arch the neck and back. In Yoga this is known as “Cobra.” Now inhale and bring your hips up to “down-dog” pose. Exhale down to Cobra. Repeat 7 times with a steady even motion. Great for the back, legs, toes, arms, thyroid, and the cardio-vascular system.

He Shou Wu – The “Feel Good” Herb

He Shou Wu (aka Polyganum) – Besides being the premier longevity herb of Chinese tonic herbalism, it  also calms you but increases your energy, cleans the blood, fortifies the muscles, tendons, and bones; prevents premature aging, maintains the youthful condition and color of the hair, strengthens sperm and ova, fortifies the back and knees, and is a major sexual tonic when used regularly.

He Shou Wu also has the amazing ability to put you on a blissful “natural high.” Researchers have found that of all the herbs studied, He Shou Wu is the greatest inhibitor of MAO-B (Monoamine Oxidase-B). Produced by our bodies in increasing amounts as we age, MAO’s can break down the brain chemical Dopamine, which is a “feel good” chemical we produce. By inhibiting this breakdown, we get more Dopamine to our brains which naturally makes us feel great. This can also improve other brain functions like concentration, focus, memory, learning power, and more.

By combining this herb with foods that are naturally full of good brain chemicals like raw chocolate (cacao) and Blue Green Algae (E3 Live – Brain-On is best) which contain  PEA’s (phenylethylamine) you can really turn on the “pleasure” centers of the brain. The South American herb Macuna Puriens has very high levels of L-dopa which is converted to dopamine by the brain. A bruised banana has lots of dopamine quinine, a natural form of dopamine. Almonds and sesame seeds contain it as well.

He Shou Wu works best with those with low dopamine levels and is not for everyone. Dopamine levels start to fall dramatically in many people after 45 or 50. As always, proceed slowly at first and consult your health practitioner.



The Amazing Gogi Berry

The Amazing Gogi Berry

By Mark James Gordon

Who would think that out of over 8,000 herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), a great tasting little red berry would be number one. This of course is the Gogi Berry, also known as Lycium Fruit. In China they’re called Gao Qi Zi.

Gogi’s are a complete source of protein, which is rare for a fruit. They are the only food that increases HGH (Human Growth Hormone) naturally, and the richest source of cartenoids including beta-carotene of any plant. Gogi’s are a true superfood that millions eat everyday. They can be grown in any climate, and are easy to eat. I think they taste better than raisins.

Besides being physically strengthening overall, they boost the immune and cardiovascular systems, protect the liver, are anti-inflammatory, moisten the lungs, and help regulate sugar and cholesterol. Gogi’s are a powerful antioxidant, on the level of Acai and Pomegranate. They have been used for thousands of years as an anti-aging, beauty food and are known to improve memory and enhance your mood.

The eyes really benefit because Gogi’s are antioxidant rich, containing beta-carotene, zeaxanthin, beatine, polysaccharides, trace minerals, and vitamins (especially B and C.) You will notice how they moisten and brighten your eyes. I’ve noticed how colors are brighter and my night vision has improved noticeably.

In TCM, Jing is known as your life-essence and Gogi’s are an excellent Jing tonic herb. They nourish the Kidney complex which strengthens the legs and lower back, increases energy, and promotes the production of sexual essence and enhances sexual energy. Gogi’s are an adaptogen which means they intelligently regulate their effects to help your body reach it’s highest potential.

Fresh berries are 10 times more powerful than the dried ones so always buy the plumpest ones you can find.