SEDIMENT, EXERCISE, MANUAL LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE MASSAGE from GrapeGate v1.1 The title denotes the topics that will be briefly covered in this document. Given that the primary focus of the health programs lies in addressing the lymphatic system it is inevitable…

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Powerful DIY Massage Tool (Plasma Technology)

Gino Di Serio inventor of the Master Fast System shows us how to easily make a massage tool that utilizes the much touted “plasma” technology for increasing the potential of energy. I don’t know much about this but his MFS is incredible.


TEMPshowerhead-shower-filterSIMPLE HOT / COLD (HYDRO) THERAPY
by Mark James Gordon

An Easy Way to Move Lymph
The Lymph is the body’s sewer system. Your 100 trillion cells all poop and these wastes are carried by the lymph to the lymph nodes and to the kidneys for disposal. If this system backs up acids form and destroy tissues which is the cause of man’s suffering. Lymph is also your main immune system. White blood cells in this system recognize and destroy unwanted pathogens like viruses, fungus, parasites, etc. Backed up lymph also leads to inflammation which causes swelling and pain (and eventually tissue degeneration). Keeping lymph moving is essential.

The lymph system does not have a pump like the heart. It mostly relies on muscle contractions to move it but sometimes this is not enough. You can assist the body in moving lymph by simply taking alternate hot and cold showers. Hot water expands lymph vessels while cold water constricts them. This will create a “pumping” action like an accordion to get tough lymph moving and improve overall health.

Use a shower water filter that removes chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, etc. (less than $30 @ Home Depot)
Start with a comfortable water temperature.
Slowly turn up the hot till you can barely stand it. Expose the entire body including the head and face.
Get every part of your body nice and hot.
Now slowly turn down the hot water and turn up cold. Go as cold as you can. It will be uncomfortable but it won’t hurt you. Get everywhere nice and cold. Burr! Your muscles will naturally constrict helping move lymph fluids.
Now repeat this process 2-5 times going as hot and as cold as you can stand.
Congratulations! Remember to always start with hot and end with cold.

You can use a skin brush or loofa (or just rub your skin) to stimulate lymph movement even more, especially during the cold water rinse.
Pay extra attention to painful areas(neck, shoulders, knees, back, etc.) – this can be a sign of stagnant / acidic lymph.
If you feel dizzy or too uncomfortable just take a break for a minute. Listen to your body.
You can do these 2 or 3 times a day. They wake you up in the morning and help you sleep at night.

Gets lymph fluids moving so they can stay clean and alkalized
Stimulates lymph nodes so they detoxify and strengthen
Reduces inflammation and pain
Strengthens the immune system
Increases blood circulation delivering more oxygen and nutrients to cells
Removes toxins from the skin which is great for the complexion
Improves moods by increasing endorphins
Feel more energetic
Increases your tolerance to hot and cold weather
Stimulates organs and glands helping them detoxify and strengthen

This is not a cure or treatment for any specific disease and is for educational purposes only. Consult a healthcare professional before starting any health or detox program, especially if you have a heart condition, are pregnant, elderly, or have underlying health issues.


It’s sad to see so many people in their 40’s and older losing their knees, hips,and ankles to acidosis. The lower extremities can be difficult to detox no matter how hard you are hitting it on herbs and fruit. Dry skin and hair loss on the legs are early signs that acidosis is building.

Physically assisting with lymph drainage is helpful when detoxing the extremities.As you probably know the lymph system has no pump like the heart so it relies on muscle contractions, gravity, and percolation for movement.

Here is a video on how to do a self-lymphatic massage to help drain the legs. Please share any experiences you have had in the comments section.

Get Those Kidneys Filtering!

Kidney filtration is the “Golden Key” to Wellville! Get that lymph moving and those kidneys filtering!

Are your Kidneys Filtering?
The human body is infinitely complicated and quite simple at the same time. Even though we have thousands of so called different diseases that can afflict us, it is really very simple to heal every single one of them because you do it in pretty much the exact same way. Western medicine is not in the business of healing so they like to make it sound very confusing and mystifying and encourage the idea of some conditions being incurable. It is not True! The body is a self healing organism. If you give it what it needs it will heal itself every time and you don’t need any medicine or antibiotics or surgery to do this. All you need to do is get out of the body’s way and allow it to do what it needs to do to regain balance.
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