Instructions for preparing and doing an eyewash using Dr. Robert Morse’s Eye Wash


Preparing the Eyewash:
1. Simmer water, but do not bring to the boiling point (if water does reach the boiling point, allow it to cool for a few minutes before adding herbs). 2. Pour about ¼ cup into a glass cup or mug. 3. Add a dropperful of Dr. Morse’s Eye Wash formula and let cool. 4. Pour into eyecup and use as a rinse throughout the day. 5.

This portion will give you approximately 4-5 rinses per day. Make a fresh batch each morning. For Smaller Amounts: Add 6-12 drops to 2 oz. of hot (not boiling) water.

To Rinse Eyes:
1. Pour the prepared eyewash mixture into your eyecup. Lean your head forward and place edge of cup against top and bottom eyelid, covering eye socket and creating a tight seal. 2. Holding eyecup in place, tilt head back and allow liquid to settle over eye. 3. With liquid solution covering eye, roll your eye around in the socket, allowing solution to thoroughly saturate your eyeball. 4. Lean forward and remove eyecup. Discard solution and rinse cup. Add new solution and repeat with other eye. 5. For a quicker rinse of both eyes at once, place a pair of swim goggles on a table and fill each goggle with eyewash solution. Press face onto goggles, and once a tight seal has been created tip head back, holding goggles in place.

Thanks to the Dr. Robert Morse Clinic