The Lymphatic System by Dr. Robert Young


The Lymphatic System – The Sanitation Engineer of All Body Fluids, Glands, Organs and Tissues  By Dr. Robert Young

Note: This is good info. Not sure about the high alkaline water part. It requires more research. I will get back to you on that… Mark Gordon

The lymphatic system is not well known or even understood, but a very important part of the body — you have three times as much lymph fluid as blood plasma! It is a network of tissues and organs that rid the body of metabolic and dietary waste, and other unwanted cellular materials; it is part of your natural sewage treatment system. A primary function of the lymphatic system is to transport metabolic and dietary acidic waste via the lymph fluid. Lymph is a fluid that contains white bloods cells which are instrumental in picking up the garbage and buffer metabolic waste all throughout the body. Thus, a healthy lymphatic system is critical to healthy organs, glands and tissues.

It is easy to access the health of your lymphatic system through a 3-D Full-Body Bio-Electro Scan that evaluates the healthy or unhealthy function of the lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes.  There is no other way of accurately evaluating the health of this very important body system that helps to maintain the alkaline design of the body through the removal of metabolic and dietary waste.

If the lymphatic system is congested or sluggish, it can cause many health issues due to backed up acidic metabolic or dietary waste. Basically, this means that the body’s method of removing harmful acidic chemicals and toxins is not working efficiently and the body is building-up toxic waste.

Here are some common acidic symptoms of a congested lymphatic system that is not removing acids via perspiration, defecation, urination or respiration:

1) Rings get tight on fingers

2) Soreness and/or stiffness in the morning

3) Feeling tired

4) Bloating / Holding on to water

5) Itchy skin

6) Weight gain and extra belly fat

7) Swollen glands

8) Low white blood cell count, especially lymphocytes

9) Brain fog

10) Breast swelling or soreness with each cycle

11) Dry skin

12) Mild rash or acne

13) Hypersensitivity

14) Mild headaches

15) Elevated histamine and irritation due to common environmental allergens

16) Occasional constipation, diarrhea, and/or mucus in the stool

17) Enlarged lymph nodes

18) Painful lymph notes

19) Calcifications and/or cysts in the lymph nodes

20) Thickening of the lymphatic vessels

21) Cancerous lymph nodes with lesions

There is not a single sickness or disease where the lymphatic system has been compromised by an acidic lifestyle and diet!

Here are some basic health suggestions to get your lymph flowing again, incorporated from the alkaline lifestyle and dietary science:

1)  Alkalizing Exercise! What pumps the lymphatic system? It is important to understand that lymph system has two hearts which are your calf muscles.  The contraction and expansion of the calf muscles stimulates valves in the veins which help to churn lymph upwards towards the chest heart. Anything that creates moments of zero gravity also helps move lymph (think low-impact trampolines or rebounders to get the lymph moving immediately)! Also called rebounding, creating zero gravity helps the lymph move upwards to the heart and axillary lymph channels. This requires very little muscular effort when rebounding which will push against gravity. With even a few seconds of no gravity, the lymph has an easier time moving.

2)  Inversions also pull lymph towards the heart from the lower extremities. What do you get when you add exercise+inversions? YOGA. Yoga has been known to detoxify and rejuvenate many sluggish lymph systems. Hot yoga also helps speed up the process through perspiration. Sweat is a potent detoxifier of acids from the lymph!

3)  Positive and negative pressure from deep, diaphragmatic breathing is a great way to move lymph towards lymphatic channels. Our bodies have far more lymph than blood so pranayama breathing in yoga as well as slow, deep breaths throughout the day help to filter lymph and move it properly. Again, yoga is quite beneficial.

4)  An Alkaline Green Diet is imperative. Make sure you’re eliminating boxed or processed food. Avoid GMO or pesticides. Eat whole alkaline food and accentuate a plant-based green diet. Eat with the seasons, meaning warm food in the winter and cooling foods in summer. The lymph literally becomes thickened like gravy once the metabolic and acid load reaches its threshold. Eat raw green fruit like cucumber or avocado alone on an empty stomach. The pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet, it’s known for its lymph-cleansing properties. Remember, it’s far easier to prevent dis-ease than to cure it later when you are properly eliminating acidic waste via the lymphatic system and then out through the four channels of elimination.

5)  Dry brush in the morning. Use a natural bristle brush and brush towards the heart where the lymphatic duct is located. Lymph drains in this direction. Brush upwards on the arms and legs towards the heart, using a circular motion.

6)  Drink 4 to 6 liters of room temperature alkaline water at a pH of 9.5 to 11.5 and an oxidative reduction potential of at least -250mV.  Eliminate ALL sugary acidic drinks and sweets! High pH alkaline water lubricates the lymph and lets it flow easier. Cold water can actually slow the process of elimination. Make sure you have an alkaline water system that will not only alkalize the water you drink but filter out all impurities.  I would also suggest shower head that will take out all impurities and alkalize the water you shower in.  This is very important because the skin is the largest organ for absorbing water through its 3500 pores per square inch.  Taking in large amounts of chlorine can be harmful to your health and well-being.

7)  Lymphatic massages, preferably gentle, stimulate the majority of stagnant lymph up to the heart. Stress can also play a role in poor lymph flow and massages can aid to remove the metabolic acids caused by stress. There are even lymph specific massages which are skillful at removing acids through manipulation of lymph. Remember the lymphatic system is mostly fluid and white blood cells called lymphatic cells that buffer metabolic and dietary acids!

8)  Low salt and  iodine has also been reported to be a sign of improper lymph flow. Potassium iodine and iodide helps to support acid removal from lymph. In addition, sodium chloride helps to maintain the alkaline design of the lymph fluids at a delicate pH of 7.2 to 7.3.

9)  Eat green foods that are high in chlorophyll to purify the blood and lymph fluids and to build the red and white blood cells!

10)  Treat your body with love and as the temple of your spirit. It is your temple, and a healthy physical body is one of the keys to emotional, mental and spiritual well-being, health and fitness.

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