Regina Contreras was diagnosed with an aggressive breast “cancer” in 2014 and decided to heal it using natural methods. Hear her amazing and inspiring story. The  word “cancer” is only used here to describe the symptoms of what happens when you have an acidic and toxic lymph system. Lose your concept of so-called diseases…they are copyrighted ideas that take away your power and turn it over to for-profit corporations, institutions, and cartels. God Bless all who are suffering and may his light illuminate all your darkness. Amen.

Healing Advice from a Curandera Shaman.


Vilma Pineda is a highly respected curandera (healer) from high in Andes mountains of Peru. People from all over the world have come to her and her family for healing for many generations. I had the great fortune of sitting with her for a ceremony called an “Ayni Despacho.” This is done to bring us back to “right relationship” with nature–or as she calls it “the Pachamama” or earth Mother.

My takeaway from Vilma is that we can call in the healing forces by opening our hearts and expressing a deep felt desire to accept the healing being offered. We all have a special purpose and a gift to share with humanity. Know what that is and have a deep desire to share it. You are then in “right relationship” to give and receive. She went on to say It’s all about love (giving and accepting) which heals all.