When some people eat fruit they complain of teeth pain then blame the fruit and are afraid to eat it. This is not the problem….let me explain.

The problem is that your saliva is acidic and when you eat the stronger fruits like lemons, limes, orange, and grapefruits you may experience some teeth pain.  You need to move your lymph fluids in the head area through lymphatic detoxification to truly fix this.

You need the deep cleansing and alkalizing power of fruit so what can you do?

  1. Start with some “green drinks” made of veggies like celery, carrot, parsley, dandelion, cilantro, etc. This will help alkalize the mouth.
  2. Drink JIVANA DETOX TEA, OR DR. MORSE’S HEAL ALL TEA and hold it in the mouth and swish and gargle for a few minutes. This will pull acids and toxins out of the mouth and gums and alkalize the saliva.
  3. Use some “test strips” to check your saliva PH. The PH scale runs from 1-14. Below 7 is acidic, above 7 is alkaline. You want the saliva to be above “7.” Healthy children have an average saliva PH of 7.5, adults 6.5. This shows us how the mouth can become more acidic as we age.
  4. Take a Kelp supplement to turn on the Parathyroid for more calcium utilization and iodine to make sure the teeth stay strong.
  5. Rinsing the mouth often with water and 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda or Himalayan, Celtic or Sea Salt will help keep the mouth alkaline.
  6. An overall lymphatic detox will help alkalize the mouth eventually.
  7. Do some neurlymphatic massages to get lymph moving and draining from the head. Click here for more info.
  8. Make sure you eat ripe fruit. Fruit picked unripe is very acidic. Pineapples and Kiwis are notoriously picked unripe.

An alkaline mouth is essential to good teeth and gums…an acid anything will cause you to lose it…Good Luck!