by Mark James Gordon, Certified in Regenerative Detoxification and Clinical Iridology

(ISOD) International School of Detoxification (Dr. Robert Morse, ND)
Certified Herbalist (Dr. Christopher’s School of Natural Healing)

IRIDOLOGY  – An iridology reading of your eyes shows you where the lymphatic stagnation is in your body. This is an indispensable tool for helping you detox so you can heal naturally.   Order Now

FULL CONSULTATION & PROTOCOLS – You get a video Iridology reading, and telephone consultation with Mark Gordon. You will also receive a 14-week custom herbal protocol as well as a detox diet plan and physical protocols you can do to help move lymph.  Order Now

25 Minute consult with Mark Gordon. Please email us with your telephone number (or Skype name if international) and some good times to call. Order Now


Iridology and Consultations require a membership to the JIVANA HERBAL HEALTH CLUB. You will  get member discounts on consultations and herbs and access to lots of information that is not shared publicly. Join Now