The Five Tibetans – Yoga for Longevity


The Five Tibetans are a short series of Yoga poses created 2500 years ago by Tibetan Monks in a Himalayan Monastery that legend says is key to their superior longevity, and overall health and vitality.

Author Chris Kilham (The Five Tibetan Rites) says they can add a decade to your life if you practice these every day. It only takes 5 minutes to complete the routine by giving each exercise only a minute with 21 repetitions maximum which you can slowly work up to.

Many areas of the body are helped including your overall metabolic and cardiovascular systems. You will gain strength, energy, and improve balance. Even your brain and nervous system get a workout. You will experience real vital health on a whole new level as you practice.

1. SPIN – Stand with your arms out at shoulder lever. Spin in a clockwise direction for 10 reps. Now put your hands on your hips and take 2 full deep breaths. As we age we lose balance which can lead to bone breaks and other common injuries. This exercise helps us maintain good balance. This is like “push ups” for your inner ear.

2. LEG RAISES – Lay on the floor facing up with your hands at your side, palms up, and your fingers pointing forward. As you inhale, bring your legs up while tucking your chin in to your chest. Keep your lower back flat to the floor and toes pointing forward. Now lower your legs as you exhale. Do this for 7 reps. Stand up, hands on hips, take 2 deep breaths.  a great core workout that stimulates your spinal nerves and strengthens your lower back and abdomen while enhancing digestion.  Tucking the chin strengthens your thyroid gland which regulates your entire metabolism.

3. BACK ARCH – Get down on your knees, touch the balls of your fee to the floor, put your hands on the back of your thighs just below the butt, tuck your chin in to your chest. As you inhale arch backwards while supporting yourself with your hands. Exhale back to the start, tucking your chin into your chest. Do 7 reps. This is great for the lungs, spine, neck, and also the thyroid.

4.  TABLE – Sit on the floor with your legs forward, hands beside your hips, chin tucked in. As you inhale bring your knees and hips up and drop your head back. Your body will look like a table. Exhale back down. Your arms never bend. Back up for 2 deep breaths with your hands on your hips. Great for strengthening the lower back.

5. DOWN-DOG/COBRA – lay on the floor face down then lift your chest up, balls of the feet touching the floor, looking up to arch the neck and back. In Yoga this is known as “Cobra.” Now inhale and bring your hips up to “down-dog” pose. Exhale down to Cobra. Repeat 7 times with a steady even motion. Great for the back, legs, toes, arms, thyroid, and the cardio-vascular system.