Reishi Mushroom and Spiritual Enlightenment

Reishi Mushroom and Spiritual Enlightenment

Reishi Mushroom and Spiritual Enlightenment

Created By Mark James Gordon

Reishi Mushroom (aka Ganoderma, Ling Zhi, or Mannentake) For thousands of years, spiritual seekers have regarded Reishi as the
top herb for spiritual growth because of it’s renowned ability to help
us increase our spiritual wisdom known as “Shen” in China.

Known as the “spirit herb”, Reishi was particularly revered by
the followers of the Taoist tradition who use it to enhance meditation
and other spiritual practices.

They continually claim it sharpens yet calms the mind, enhances intelligence and wisdom, builds willpower, and revere it’s ability to expand ones level of consciousness so we can access the higher realms and connect with spirit in our search for “enlightenment.”

While you cannot “Reishi” your way to God, it does improve the intensity and quality of our Shen spiritual energy to support the expansion of consciousness and the unfolding of the Kundalini.

Spiritually speaking, it helps open your “crown chakra.”

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