Healing Guide Mark Gordon gives a brief lesson in using herbs to help heal the adrenal glands. Humans especially in the west are suffering from chronic adrenal gland weakness that is damaging their health in many ways. Herbs and lymphatic detox are the only true answer. Adrenal weakness can lead to arthritis, cancer, fibromyalgia, lupus, lyme, cysts, tumors, cholesterol plaqing, heart disease, hearing loss, cataracts, memory loss, nerve damage, female problems, prostatitis, erectile dysfunction, bowel conditions like Chron’s and IBS, chronic lung issues, and lots more!


Healing Guide Mark Gordon answers questions about regenerative detoxification, natural healing, herbs, juice fasting, dry fasting, iridology, and more.


Simply put, a toxic lymph system is the cause of almost every so-called “disease.” Your eyes show it’s condition and where the weak spots are so you can target them with herbs and other things….That’s why Iridology is so important. This is not a diagnostic tool…only a map. Everyone should have their eyes read once a year by someone who knows the lymph system, detoxification, and herbs. CLICK BELOW TO WATCH NOW



A true detox must target four main areas of the body (kidneys, lymph system, endocrine glands – esp. the adrenals, and the GI tract). Weakness in these areas leads to ILC (Interstitial lymphatic constipation) and systemic acidosis (inflammation) and the degeneration of tissues. An overall lymphatic detox always involves working on these four areas at the same time no matter what conditions you have. This is the “Golden Key” to healing. Specifically,

The Kidneys need to be cleaned and strengthened because they filter the lymphatic and blood systems. Herbal kidney formulas are best but good kidney detoxifiers are Corn Silk, Juniper Berries, Saw Palmetto Berries, Pipsissewa, Uva Ursi, Parsley, Dandelion Leaf. & Burdock Root. Getting the kidneys to filter lymph (Kidney Filtration) is the most essential thing you can do to detox the body. Here’s a video on how to potentially speed things up. Kidney Filtration in 2 Days

The Endocrine Glands (pituitary, pineal, thymus, thyroid/parathyroid, pancreas, adrenals, testes/ovaries) control many of the body’s functions. Gland herbal formulas are best but top herbs are Siberian Ginseng (Eleuthero), Parsley, Kelp, Chaste Tree Berries, Saw Palmetto Berries, Astragalus, He Sho Wu, Schizandra Berries, & Dandelion Root. You can add other specific formulas or “glandulars” to strengthen your weaker glands. Use Dr. Robert Morse’s Endocrine Balance formula if you have high blood pressure.

The Lymph System (your body’s sewer system) needs to be stimulated so it can move and be cleaned. The lymph nodes (the body’s septic tanks) are where many pathogens are destroyed and acids neutralized so they need to be strong. Move stagnant lymphatic fluids with herbs, exercise, massage, hot/cold packs and more. Good lymphatic herbs are Plantain, Chaparral, Cleavers, Poke Root, and Echinacea. DRM has lymph node support formulas too.

The Stomach & Bowels are the major area that eliminates toxins from the body so we need to make sure they are clean and free of mucoid plaque. Most bowels are chronic and have been toxic for a long time. It’s time to really get in and clean and detox them so they can be restored. This video shows you how to do it. Bowel Detox & Restoration Clean the GI tract with herbs like Dr. Robert Morse’s GI Broom and his Stomach and Bowels formulas.

I wish you many blessings of health!

Be Well!

This is not medical advice and is only what I would do based upon my studies and experiences. If you choose to follow this information you do so on your own and at your own risk. I cannot assume any responsibility for your actions, This is for reference purposes and is not intended to substitute for advice given by a physician, pharmacist, or other licensed health-care professional. You should not use this information as self-diagnosis or for treating a health problem or disease. Contact your health-care provider immediately if you suspect that you have a medical problem especially if you are pregnant, lactating, have high blood pressure, or taking pharmaceutical medications. Information and statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.


* All Lymphatic System/Lymph Node formulas Do NOT take during pregnancy unless advised so.
* Bleeding Do NOT take during pregnancy unless advised so.
* Bone Marrow Support Do NOT take during early pregnancy unless advised
* Connective Tissue Support Do NOT take during pregnancy unless advised so.
* Female Reproductive Tonic Do NOT take during pregnancy unless advised so.
Preferably check Estrogen levels, before taking.
* GI-Broom Consider detoxifying for at least 1 month first.
Do NOT take if constipated.
* God’s Garden Superfood Blends Do NOT take prior to bedtime (if you want to sleep).
* Heal-All Tea Do NOT take during pregnancy unless advised so.
* Healthy Circulation (Lower) Do NOT take during pregnancy unless advised so.
* Healthy Circulation (Upper) Do NOT take during pregnancy unless advised so.
Do NOT take with brain tumors unless advised so.
* Healthy Heart Do NOT take during pregnancy unless advised so.
* Healthy Pituitary Do NOT take during pregnancy unless advised so.
* Lungs Tonic I Do NOT take during pregnancy unless advised so.
* Lungs Tonic II Do NOT take during pregnancy unless advised so.
* Male Reproductive Tonic Check Prostate-Specific Antigen levels first.
* Parasite-G formula Do NOT take during pregnancy unless advised so.
* Parasite-M formula Do NOT take during pregnancy unless advised so.
* Stomach & Bowels Tonic #3 Do NOT take during pregnancy unless advised so.
* Stomach & Bowels Tonic #4 Do NOT take during pregnancy unless advised so.
* Stomach & Bowels Tonic #5 Do NOT take during pregnancy unless advised so.
* Thyroid & Thymus Tonic formula Do NOT take with goiters/hyperthyroidism.
* Ultimate Immune Tonic Detoxify for at least 2 months, before taking.

IMPORTANT: Pregnant and nursing women should consult with Dr. Morse’s clinic or seek the assistance of a qualified detoxification specialist, before embarking on an herbal protocol.

* Strong Bones Combats and prevents problems caused from
inadequate calcium supply.
* God’s Garden Superfood Blends Replaces prenatal supplements.

This is not medical advice. For educational purposes only.

How to Take Your Herbs

How to Take Your Herbs
Normal dosing on tinctures for adults is generally one dropperful, three times daily, about 15-30 minutes prior to eating a meal.
Double check your own weight and compare it to the dosing recommendations listed on the bottle, especially for children and pets.

Capsules can be taken along with the tinctures. Dosing recommendations for capsules for adults are two capsules, three times daily. Just as with the tinctures, check your weight and compare it to the recommendations listed on the bottle. Capsules can be opened and mixed into smoothies or homemade applesauce to make it easier for children to take.
Note: The Stomach & Bowels formulas is an exception, and dosing should be adjusted depending on your movement frequency. Do your best to regulate your bowel movements with your diet.

Special Notes and Considerations
Chances are you will not be able to pull up one full dropperful of the tincture. If this happens, just take two dropperfuls at the halfway mark. It is not an exact science, so do the best that you can with “eyeing” the amount. Each bottle will last approximately two weeks. If you find that you are running out before the two weeks are up, adjust your dose or prepare to move on to the next kit.

All of our herbal formulas work synergistically. You can mix the liquid formulas together in a little fresh fruit juice or water. We find it easy and convenient to put all the tinctures together in a shot glass. Let’s face it, we all know they are not the best tasting, so taking all of them together in a shot glass seems to be quick and “painless” for those who want to just get it over with. As the weeks move on, you will grow to love the taste (believe it or not!).
It is best to take our formulas on an empty stomach or with fruits; we recommend 15-30 minutes before each meal. If you must take them on a full stomach, that is perfectly okay too. Do not sweat the small stuff! Relax and enjoy! Diarrhea and constipation are not wanted! You will want to work on achieving two to three easy, nicely formed bowel movements per day. Adjust your bowel formula accordingly. Our bowel formulas are not laxatives! They clean, rebuild, remove inflammation and strengthen the GI tract.

We recommend burning off the alcohol by placing 1-3 ounces of simmering (not boiling) distilled water in an empty cup, then put one dropperful of each tincture into the water. Let this cool approximately 10 minutes or so, then consume. You may also put your liquid herbs directly into juice or water, or they may be consumed directly if desired!

Have fun and enjoy your journey into the next
Several weeks of GETTING HEALTHY!