Taking Capsules vs Tinctures

The capsules are overall more powerful and longer lasting than the tinctures. If you plan on storing herbs for longer periods of time (months or years), then emphasize the tinctures as they preserve the best, and increase in their potency over time. Capsules take approximately 45 minutes to enter the bloodstream whereas tinctures will get there much faster.

Some people do not like taking capsules, which is where the tinctures come in. Others cannot stomach the taste or don’t like the alcohol contained within alcohol-based tinctures and are therefore pleased with the capsules. Another alternative, is glycerin-based tinctures of which Dr. Robert Morse is also beginning to utilize. When taking many herbal formulas, it would serve best not to take too many in capsule form (imagine taking 10 * 3 (= 30 capsules) 3 times a day). In such cases, it is recommended to have some of the formulas be in tincture form or simply remove the powdered herbs from the veggie-capsules and take them like that.

Herbal tinctures for emergency purposes (such as plantain herb for poisoning) are preferred in tinctured form.

People with digestive issues and diabetes should still take capsules over tinctures, in most

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This is not medical advise and is for information purposes only.