Detox: The True “Fountain of Youth”

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Detox: The True “Fountain of Youth”

We are just trillions of cells that float in a fluid that is mostly lymph. By taking in acid forming foods and chemicals we slowly turn our lymph into an acid bath that destroys tissues and organs, drys skin and hair out, makes the bones brittle, stiffens our joints, inflames brain tissue, and much more. Cellular activity itself is acid forming, this is why detoxification is so essential.

Raw fruits and vegetables are alkalizing and hydrating. Certain herbs can get lymph moving and help the lymph nodes clean and alkalize lymph fluids. They can also get the kidneys to filter lymph and expel acids and toxins from the body.

A regular program of deep detoxification redefines the aging process. Could this be the true “fountain of youth” that man has been searching for?

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