VAXXED Message to Mr. DeNiro

Hello Mr. DeNiro,
The world is changing rapidly.The people are waking up–they are aware that they are being manipulated by the system (and much more). This is why Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are so popular. They are coming out of nowhere because no one trusts the media anymore. No one trusts CNN, MSNBC, Fox News,The New York Times–none of it. Independent films and documentaries are however an area where people go to find alternative non-mainstream knowledge. You’re last-minute decision to pull the film Vaxxed which I understand is a controversial film about the MMR vaccine and it’s link to autism is quite suspicious. I understand that you have a son who is autistic and that this film must be deeply personal for you. I have looked at the facts given by the whistleblower top CDC scientist and Mr. Wakefield and it appears obvious that this is enough evidence to at least present to the people and open it up for discussion. Your decision to not show the film has only made it more of a must-see. We’re seeing this in American politics right– now the more they try to suppress the alternative candidates the more popular they become. The Old Guard is falling and unfortunately you have decided to fall with it. You can say what you want about Sanders and Trump but at least they stand up for what they believe and won’t back down to the Press or the powers that were. You certainly know how to play a tough guy on film but let’s see you change and play a tough guy in real life and stand up to Big Pharma which is most likely bullying you. Screen this film at your Festival Mr DeNiro. Thank you.