Where’s All This Mucus Coming From?

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Where’s All This Mucus Coming From?

I have had clients who just seem to expel lots of mucus through every orifice for days, weeks, months, and sometimes a year or longer. Where is all this coming from? You might think that it was all trapped in the lymph system but that would not explain the many gallons that come out of people week after week.

As you know the cause of most all of our physical suffering is acids that damage tissues (organs, glands, bones, joints, etc). When our lymph system (our sewer) gets clogged the lymph fluids can harden and become acidic. I call these “hot spots.” They can show up anywhere in the body and can stay there until we clean them out through detoxification. The body tries to protect us from these acidic areas by surrounding them thus forming cysts, boils, tumors, or just a layer of mucus.

By getting the lymph fluids moving we begin to uncover these “hot spots” again. The body has no choice but to create mucus to buffer these acids and this is why during a detox you can seem to create endless amounts of it depending how acidic you are.

Your only real choice is to keep detoxing as deeply as you can until it stops, which it eventually will.

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