Fasting, in some form or another, has been practiced since the beginning of man, and probably animal.Fasting is instinctual and is associated with rest and energy management.

There are basically two forms of fasting. The first form of fasting being forced fasting, meaning it is a type of fasting forced upon us during sickness. This is the body’s own mechanism to divert much-needed energy from digestion to the immune, lymphatic and endocrine systems. This gives our body’s much needed energy to expel wastes or obstructions (congestion) that is involved with eating wrong foods.

The second form of fasting is conscious fasting, which is also done to cleanse and restore the body. Conscious fasting builds your self-discipline and self-confidence. These are two important attributes to develop on the road to good health.

Both forms of fasting are energy management for the body and have the same end in mind. Most of the foods that people eat rob his or her body of energy instead of giving or supplying it energy.

Health and vitality is energy where dis-ease is a lack of energy. Fasting is the universal way the body can rest from extensive digestive and metabolic issues. It uses that same energy instead to clean itself out of acids and toxins, thus allowing the body to heal itself.

Our digestive and eliminative systems become overworked, congested, weakened, and damaged on a typical diet of meats, grains, dairy products, and the like. Fasting allows the pancreas, stomach, liver, intestines, and even the kidneys to have somewhat of a rest. This gives more energy to the glandular and lymphatic systems (immune).

Fasting at one level or another can be vital in getting well. There are many types of pseudo-fasts, other than water fasts, that you can also do. Let’s explore these types of
fasting and how to properly stop or “break” a fast.

First, we have the all-raw food fast. This of course is not really a fast or diet, but to most people who eat the opposite, this is considered a fast. Remember, no other animal cooks their food before they eat it. Take this a day at a time and try to eat all raw that day. Go on five, ten, thirty or sixty days eating all raw foods (uncooked). The longer the better!

This type of fast or diet would include fresh raw fruits, fruit juices, vegetables, and vegetable juices. No “protein” type foods like nuts or seeds.

The second type of fast would consist of all fruit. I highly recommend this type of fast. Being frugivores, this type of fast or diet would be more harmonious with our physiological and anatomical processes and design.

Grapes should be the focus; however, any fruit or combination of fruits or melons will do. Remember, eat melons alone or leave them alone! You could just eat grapes alone, or watermelon, or apples…whatever you like or crave.

I have helped a lot of souls clean tumors out of their physical bodies with grapes and grape
juice fasts. Eat as much as you want. We do not count calories on this program. Remember, man is a fruigivore and a fruit diet would simply be the natural diet for man.

Third, we have juice fasting. This is high-level fasting, which provides your GI tract a big rest. These are high-energy fasts, which initiate much needed cleansing and lymphatic movement, while keeping the kidneys flushed out. Juices still supply glucose and fructose to cells for energy. These juices can be vegetable or fruit. However, the power is within the fruit juice, especially fresh grape juice.

The fourth and ultimate type of fasting is water fasting. This should be done with a pure spring, R/O (reverse osmosis) or distilled water. At this level, your digestive energy is totally given to the neurological, lymphatic, and glandular systems. This creates a high level of body cleansing and purging. The body, in its tremendous wisdom, will focus on removing stored toxins, mucus and inflammation.

To the average individual, water fasting can give you energy. However, the goal in weakened or depleted conditions is to give energy to the body, elevating the systemic energy. I personally do not recommend this fast for highly depleted and weakened individuals, especially with cancer. This is because you are not feeding the body
energy, per se, so the body must work with the energy it has.

Even though fasting gives most individuals energy, when you are dealing in advanced tissue weakness, raw foods and especially fruits, will empower the body with nutrition and energy. Consuming high-energy fruits or fruit juices will begin to bring one’s
cellular and systemic energies up, at the same time allowing for detoxification.

Water fasting in highly depleted cases can enervate the body and lead to death.
After the individual is built up, then water fasting would be appropriate. There are always exceptions to any rule.

In a pancreatic cancer case I had, the individual had stopped digesting food completely. I started her on fruit juices only. Then I added vegetable juices, and finally, after a short period of time, I added fruit and then vegetables.

The reason I chose this method is simple. First, her pancreas had stopped digesting her food. When she ate any food, it came out in her stools undigested. I needed to maintain her systemic energy, but give her something that took little, if any, effort for the pancreas to digest.

A freshly juiced fruit juice is the best choice in this situation. I added vegetable juices after a while, even though they are harder to digest, but her pancreas had improved enough to handle them. Keep in mind that I am also using liquid botanical extracts to enhance various organs and glands in the body, especially the pancreas.

I finally added solid foods, starting with fruits again because of their high energy levels and ease of digestion. Finally, in eleven months, she was cancer free!

NOTE: Weakened adrenal glands (low blood pressure) will almost always yield low energy no matter what we eat.

When to Break a Fast
The best time to “break” a fast is by listening to your inner guidance or intuition. You know your body better than anyone. Listen to it! You will know when you have had enough. Now be fair. Desire can creep in! However, this is a good sign.

After about three days or so one loses the desire for foods, and in a lot of cases, eating. This is because the body is starting to use that digestive energy for cleaning and healing.
When you start feeling hungry again, this is a good sign to start eating. Remember to start with fruits only!

Another way to determine how long to fast, is the tongue method. This is the old fashioned way that I have used for years. When you start fasting, your tongue will become coated with a thick white, yellow, green or brown substance. The more toxic you are the thicker and darker this coating becomes. Of course the healthier you are, the less your tongue will coat when you fast.If you fast until your tongue becomes pink again, you will have done a tremendous job of cleaning your body out.

Detoxification is an ongoing process that can take years. That sounds worse than it is. Health should become one of your hobbies. Spend a good year or so aggressively working on yourself, then set your new lifestyle in motion with balance and harmony. This will be the new, healthier, vibrant, cleaner and aware you!

As you grow spiritually, always seek to balance your lifestyle and eating habits with this.
The more you expand your awareness, the healthier and more energetic you will want to eat. You want your physical body to keep up with you!

How To Break a Fast
Now it is very important how you “break” a fast. How you break a fast depends on how long you have fasted and what type of fast that you did. A general rule of thumb would be to break most fasts with a day or two of just fruit eating for every three days of water fasting.

I heard of a man who died from breaking a long extended fast with boiled potatoes. Being a sticky, gluey, starch, I can see how it locked his bowels up. Always try to keep your bowels moving. When you are on a juice or water fast, this is not always possible (unless you use an enema).

Grape Juice Fasting

Drink GRAPE JUICE as often and as much as you want. Grapes are high in antioxidants and astringent properties, which help remove toxins from the body. Eating grapes and drinking grape juice always makes for an excellent fast. I have “fasted” people for over 75 days on just grapes. A 5 or 10 day grape or grape juice fast is superb and extremely beneficial.

Grapes and lemons are two of nature’s greatest lymphatic cleansers and “tumor busters.” I have seen lymphomas gone in forty-five days and stomach cancer gone in fifty-six days using these fruit juice fasts in combination with herbal therapy and a raw food diet.

Juice a quart of grapes (seeds and small stems as well).  Any type of grape is okay; however the dark, seeded ones are the best. A juice extractor or juicer is necessary.
Add 1 or 2 lemons per quart to really kick up the cleansing power.

NOTE: This is not a program to treat any diseases. Names of diseases were used only to identify symptoms of a toxic body.