by Mark James Gordon
Certified in Regenerative Detoxification
and Clinical Iridology (ISOD – Level 2)
International School of Detoxification (Dr. Robert Morse, ND)
Certified Herbalist (Dr. Christopher’s School of Natural Healing)

Contact: mark@markjamesgordon.com
Mark Gordon Ventura CA (aka Mark James Gordon) Natural Health Practitioner and Detox Specialist (ISOD)

We have to get away from “treatment” based thinking and the concept of diseases because they don’t really exist. Also, the idea that others will take care of you is a dangerous mindset. Learn about raw living foods, detoxification, and fasting and take back your power.” This is not medical advice or an attempt to diagnose or treat any so-called “disease.” All communication on and from this website is for information purposes only. True wellness always trumps illness. Be Well!