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Member Agreement


I understand that this is a private membership association in which I agree to be a member. This agreement is between Me and JIVANA, LLC  (dba: for the express purpose of exchanging information in regards to gaining health the natural way. The information given here is based on God’s natural laws.

I give any persons at these offices or websites with whom I communicate in any manner permission (all rights) to discuss openly and freely my health issues and solutions to these issues between me, and their colleagues. I attest that I am here at this office or website, on this and my subsequent visit, solely on my own behalf and not as an agent or representative for any federal, state, or local agency on a mission of entrapment or investigation. I fully understand that anyone that I communicate with at these office's/website's is not a medical doctor and I am not here for medical diagnostic and treatment procedures. The information given is at all times limited strictly for my educational purposes and only on the subject of health matters. This information is intended for the best possible state of health and does not involve the diagnosing, prognosticating, treatment, or prescribing remedies for the treatment of diseases. All diet, nutritional, herbal, homeopathic, fasting, and other health information and suggestions received by me is for my personal information only. If I choose to follow any of the information received, I do so on my own behalf, and on my own decisions based upon my personal beliefs. If I use any information to treat a disease process without my medical doctor’s approval, I am prescribing for myself and exercising my Constitutional Rights.

I fully agree to hold harmless JIVANA, LLC and any persons at this company, or related companies, with whom I communicate in any manner. I assume total and all responsibility and liability for my actions.

This association is under the protection of the Freedom of Association as guaranteed by the 1st and 14th Amendments of the US Constitution.